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Success Mantra Publications is the pinnacle publisher renowned for its brand series “Success Mantra Series”, the most recommended books by B.Com and M.Com students and teachers. The chapter-wise compilation of questions asked in the last 28 attempts of examination with their perfect solutions with necessary workings and many other supportive characteristics like answers of mcqs with explanations are available only in Success Mantra Series.

In 2017, Prof. Gautam Chatterjee the man behind Success Mantra Series while contemplating the most excellent way to prepare for B.Com examination implemented a systematic technique to score high marks in B.Com Examinations. This resulted in compilation of previous questions of B.Com examinations in chronological order.

He was so encouraged with the simplicity and effectiveness of the idea that not only he compiled the entire B.Com question bank but started publishing it as ‘Success Mantra Series’. Later on many key features have been incorporated that makes Success Mantra Series a must to score an excellent marks in the B.Com examinations of Calcutta University. Success Mantra Series are updated earliest after each attempt of examination much before any other copier. Every six month, you get new edition of Success Mantra Series. Since 2017 dedicated team works round the clock to make Success Mantra Series as a one point reference for B.Com aspirants.

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